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1998 June 24

    PIXY system in Java    

Dear colleagues,

I am Seiichi Yoshida, working on the MISAO project (Multitudinous Image-based Sky-survey by Accumulative Observations).

Today I released Java version of the PIXY system (Practical Image eXamination and Inner-objects Identification system), which detects stars from your image, matches them with catalog data like GSC, USNO-A1.0, the Tycho Catalog, etc., calculates accurate R.A. and Decl. of the center of the image, accurate field of view, accurate position angle of up direction, limiting magnitude, measures astrometry and photometry of all detected stars, and lists up candidates of new objects, errors in the catalog, variable stars, etc., by comparing with catalog data. The package is available at:


Because the new package is fully in Java language, it can run on both Windows and UNIX, after installing JDK or JRE available at:


Not only the PIXY system, the package contains the Catalog Viewer and Image Viewer in Java. The Catalog Viewer can display star chart of GSC, USNO, HIPPARCOS/TYCHO reading data from WWW or CD-ROMs. The Image Viewer is a simple FITS viewer.

Unfortunately, it runs very slowly because being implemented in Java. I estimated that it takes about 10 times than the same program in C language. I will work on speeding it up some more. I will also work on convenience, decreasing false alarms, more precise astrometry and photometry, etc. Updated package will be released at the MISAO Project Home Page, so please visit there sometimes.

I started the survey with one of my friend at Hanadateyama Observatory with wide-field lens and CCD camera. I hope we will discover new novae, or maybe comets soon!

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida
Muraoka Lab., Waseda University, Japan

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