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August 8, 1999

    100 new variable stars    

MISAO Project Announce Mail (August 8, 1999)

Hello. I am Seiichi Yoshida working on the MISAO project.

Since the discovery of the first new variable star MisV0001 was announced on Apr. 3, the number of new variable stars discovered by the MISAO Project keeps increasing favorably. The number reached to 100 on July 22, and 134 new variable stars are announced totally at the end of July.

The discovery history of last four months is as follows. The horizontal axis of the graph is days from the beginning of year 1999. The graph shows that our work goes well after mid May and the number is increasing favorably.

1999 Apr. 3 Reached to MisV0001 ( 1 star)
10 Reached to MisV0002 ( 1 star)
18 Reached to MisV0004 ( 2 stars)
May 14 Reached to MisV0008 ( 4 stars)
17 Reached to MisV0010 ( 2 stars)
23 Reached to MisV0013 ( 3 stars)
30 Reached to MisV0023 (10 stars)
June 1 Reached to MisV0032 ( 9 stars)
8 Reached to MisV0033 ( 1 star)
16 Reached to MisV0042 ( 9 stars)
July 8 Reached to MisV0065 (23 stars)
16 Reached to MisV0094 (29 stars)
22 Reached to MisV0100 ( 6 stars)
25 Reached to MisV0128 (28 stars)
29 Reached to MisV0134 ( 6 stars)

The peak magnitude of 134 new variable stars are between 10.2 to 15.5 (unfiltered CCD magnitude).

10.0-10.9 mag 7 stars
11.0-11.9 mag 22 stars
12.0-12.9 mag 49 stars
13.0-13.9 mag 37 stars
14.0-14.9 mag 17 stars
15.0-15.9 mag 2 stars

All new variable stars were discovered on the images taken by KenIchi Kadota, Ageo Survey team, with a 300-mm camera lens, or 530-mm/990-mm (focal length) telescopes. Therefore, the number is at peak around 12-13 mag. In our experience, most variable stars brighter than 10 mag are already discovered, but most ones fainter than 12 mag are remained unknown.

By the way, most of our new variable stars seem to be red. So the visual magnitude will be about 2 or 3 mag fainter than the unfiltered CCD magnitude above.

Type is presumed for 32 stars among 134 new variable stars. One is probable eclipsing star (MisV0002), one is irregular variable star (MisV0073). The rest will be long-period. 7 stars of them are varies over 2.5 mag, so these will be Mira type, and the rest are resumed as SR type.

The list of new variable stars discovered in the MISAO Project is available at:


The finding chart image, contrasting the bright state and the faint state, is also available for each. In addition, all of the magnitude data obtained in the MISAO Project are available at:


In the announce mail on June 6, the list of 32 new variable stars at that time was attached. However, a bug of the PIXY system was found in mid June. The system did not output proper magnitude in a specific case. Now the bug is fixed and all magnitude data are already re-measured. Therefore, the magnitude of MisV0001 - MisV0032, attached in the announce mail on June 6, are also changed.

The past MISAO project announce mails are available at:


Seiichi Yoshida

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