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May 1, 2000

    First achievement of MISAO collaborated discovery    

MISAO Project Announce Mail (April 28, 2000)

Hello. I am Seiichi Yoshida working on the MISAO project.

The MISAO Project aims to make the most of images all over the world for new objects discovery, observations of known objects, and so on. Based on this idea, we are promoting an activity to gather amateurs' CCD images and examine them by the PIXY system for new objects discovery. In 2000 April, we discovered four new variable stars by comparing images taken by two amateurs. They are the first achievement as the "collaborated discovery" in the MISAO Project.

Totally 19238 images have been offered to the MISAO Project from 7 contributors as follows.

ContributorNumber of images
Akimasa Nakamura425
Hideo Fukushima9
KenIchi Kadota9034
Nobuo Ohkura1397
Seiichiro Kiyota10
Toshikazu Muramatsu46
Yasukazu Ikari8317

(alphabetical order)

* In addition, one image of MisV0001, the first new variable star of the MISAO Project, was offered by Arne A. Henden.

By examining images offered by Nobuo Ohkura in 2000 March by the PIXY system, four new variable stars were discovered.

Based on the e-mail conversation between Ohkura and Kadota, Ohkura took images of the same area again where Kadota has taken in the past. Therefore a set of images on two nights of the same area was assembled, then the new objects search could be operated immediately. As a result, four new variable stars were discovered in fact.

The 882 new variable stars discovered in last one year between 1999 April and 2000 April were all discovered by comparing Kadota's images one another. This is the first case that new objects were discovered by comparing images taken by two persons.

These new variable stars were numbered as MisV0883 - MisV0886.

VariableR.A. (2000.0) Decl.Range
MisV088301h35m09s.69+60o17'10".310.6-11.5 mag
MisV088402h00m45s.52+58o59'11".3 9.2-11.4 mag
MisV088502h58m00s.30+54o46'35".210.8-11.8 mag
MisV088603h04m37s.71+56o49'14".812.1-15.1 mag

Features such as variable type, period, etc., are uncertain. However, considering the identification with IRAS objects and the color recorded in the USNO-A2.0 catalog, they are all supposed to be red variable stars.

These four new variable stars were found by Seiichi Yoshida, a MISAO Project staff, using the PIXY system. The key images for the discovery were taken by Ohkura. And they were compared with images taken by Kadota. Therefore, these three persons, Yoshida, Ohkura and Kadota, are recognized as discoverers of these four new variable stars in the MISAO Project and announced in the MISAO Project home page.

As you see, valuable results like new objects discovery can be achieved by sharing amateur images and comparing one another. The MISAO Project will keep promoting the activity for amateurs' collaborated discovery. If you are interested in the work, or you would like to discover new objects by yourself, please make a contact to Seiichi Yoshida (comet@aerith.net), or KenIchi Kadota ( kenic-k@astroarts.co.jp).

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Seiichi Yoshida

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