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The Ageo Survey is a survey work with a CCD camera operated by KenIchi Kadota in Ageo City, Saitama. KenIchi Kadota and Seiichi Yoshida have been worked together as the Ageo Survey Team between 1998 October and 2000 March. Kadota took the images of comets, supernovae, etc., and Yoshida measured and reported the magnitude. All CCD images taken during this period were offered to the MISAO Project and helped the variable star survey, the development of the PIXY system, and so on.

  • Observation Results
    Here introduces the WWW sites exhibiting the observation data or images of comets, supernovae, etc., by the Ageo Survey Team.
  • Candidates of New Objects
    Here shows candidates of new objects discovered in the Ageo Survey. In addition to the candidates here, many new variable stars are discovered.
  • About Bistar Survey
    Bistar survey is wide field survey with wide field lens and CCD, operated by KenIchi Kadota and Seiichi Yoshida. The location is Hanadateyama observatory, Miwa village, Ibaraki, Japan, called "Bistar". The survey location was moved to Ageo City, Saitama, Japan, since 1998 October.

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