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= USNO-A2.0 1425.05350741  04h35m47s.295 +52o49'59".35  Mag(R):12.8  M
= IRAS 04318+5243  04h35m48s.5 +52o50'00"  Ellipse:39x9"  P.A.:78  Flu
  x(12):0.9526  Flux(25):0.2693  Flux(60):<0.4000  Flux(100):<12.86  V
= MSX5C G153.0871+03.6366  04h35m47s.45 +52o50'12".1  InScanError:4.1"
    CrossScanError:4.0"  Flux(A):1.6324  Flux(B1):21.508
= CGCS 719  04h35m47s.4 +52o50'01"  Mag(I):10.9  Spectrum:Weak C
= CGCS J0435+5250  04h35m47s.3 +52o50'01"  Mag(V):12.8  Mag(IR):10.9  
  ID:CGCS 719  Data:WeakC
= HBHA 18-40  04h35m47s.0 +52o50'00"  Mag(V):12.5

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 2116764)

* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Nobuo Ohkura, Okayama, Japan; and John Greaves, the United Kingdom, discovered a new variable star MisV1267.

It was picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura. John Greaves researched the NSVS data and confirmed the semi regular variation.


* Special Notes

MisV1267 is recorded in the Hamburg-Bergedorf H-alpha Stars in Northern Milky Way as HBHA 18-40.

MisV1267 is also recorded in the carbon star catalogs as CGCS 719 = CGCS J0435+5250. Therefore it is a carbon star with H-alpha emission.

The MISAO Project observations suggest that MisV1267 is a Mira type variable with a period of about 400 days. The NSVS light curve shows a peculiar stagnation of brightening. The MISAO Project observations also suggest a hint of the stagnation.

Brian Skiff commented that H-alpha emission is kinda the usual thing for cool carbon stars. Brian Skiff also pointed out that MisV1267 is identified with a carbon star Kiso C5-213, and an emission line star VES 820.

* Light Curve

* Observations by MISAO Project

2000 Mar. 6.5957110.4CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 6.5975610.5CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 6.5994110.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 18.7058712.1CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 18.7077112.1CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 18.7095612.1CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Nov. 22.6249211.5CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Nov. 22.6267711.5CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Nov. 22.6286211.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Nov. 22.6304711.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 14.5642211.4CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 14.5660811.4CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 14.5679311.5CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 15.5572911.4CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 18.6444012.1CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 18.6463812.0CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 18.6483412.1CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Dec. 2.6064411.7CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Dec. 2.6084011.7CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Dec. 2.6103711.7CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Dec. 4.6013011.7CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Jan. 24.4574011.1CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Jan. 24.4593611.1CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7180912.04CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7200512.04CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7220012.07CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.7048012.17CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.7067512.20CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.7087312.23CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 28.6984012.29CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 28.7003712.34CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.7016812.37CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.7036512.39CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.7056012.42CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 30.6986312.31CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 30.7006012.34CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6631412.46CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6651012.42CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6670612.41CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6748512.53CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6768312.47CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 4.6787812.42CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 7.6819312.50CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 7.6838812.37CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 7.6858412.54CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 13.6527012.67CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 13.6546512.69CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 13.6566212.70CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 17.6320412.70CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 17.6340012.73CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 17.6359612.69CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 23.6292212.80CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 23.6311912.73CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 23.6331512.68CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 25.6119812.81CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 25.6139512.81CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Nov. 25.6159012.73CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 1.5826712.82CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 1.5846312.86CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 1.5866012.86CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 3.5959612.87CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 3.5979312.80CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 3.5998812.90CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 7.5881712.91CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 7.5901312.85CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Dec. 7.5920912.85CNobuo Ohkura

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