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* Profile

MisV1276 = QY Cam

= GSC 3726-00172  04h11m48s.09 +56o46'26".4  Error:0.2"  Mag:12.09  Ma
  gError:0.63  Band:1  Class:0  Plate:036F  Flag:F  Epoch:11 OCT 1983
= USNO-A2.0 1425.04954008  04h11m48s.062 +56o46'26".45  Mag(R):12.5  M

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 2099490)
NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 1992431)

* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Nobuo Ohkura, Okayama, Japan; and Ken-ichi Kadota, MISAO Project, discovered a new variable star MisV1276.

It was picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura, and confirmed by Ken-ichi Kadota.

Patrick Wils researched the NSVS data and found that MisV1276 is an EA type star with a period of 1.2727 days (or double).

* Special Notes

Patrick Wils researched the NSVS data and found that it is an EA type star with a period of 1.2727 days (or double).

* Light Curve

Light curve by the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) searched using SkyDOT.
SkyDOT is operated by the University of California for the National Nuclear Security Administration of the US Department of Energy.

* Observations by MISAO Project

2000 Mar. 1.5801512.23CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 1.5820012.27CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Mar. 1.5838512.25CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 24.5207412.21CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 24.5225912.18CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 24.5244612.17CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 24.5263112.26CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 14.6524312.64CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 14.6544012.61CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 22.6191612.28CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 24.6125312.36CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 24.6145012.33CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 24.6164712.35CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Nov. 24.6184512.33CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Feb. 7.4182512.33CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Feb. 9.4051612.25CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Feb. 9.4071312.23CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Feb. 9.4091012.26CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Feb. 9.4110812.28CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7046112.22CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7065712.15CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 9.7085412.33CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 16.7106412.57CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 17.7003712.22CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 17.7023412.24CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 17.7042912.24CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.6911712.70CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.6931412.69CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 25.6951012.67CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 28.6830312.21CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 28.6850012.19CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 28.6869712.18CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.6882312.37CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.6902012.34CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 29.6921612.35CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 30.6832112.45CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 30.6851712.42CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Oct. 30.6871412.41CNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7652112.81RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7652212.77RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Sept. 30.7691412.84RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.7079512.71RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Oct. 14.7118712.71RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 30.5787012.27RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 30.5826412.22RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Nov. 30.5865712.34RcNobuo Ohkura
2004 Dec. 14.5386712.48RcNobuo Ohkura
2007 Feb. 26.5052811.82CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Feb. 26.5080912.09CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Feb. 26.5109012.11CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Feb. 28.4329512.54CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Feb. 28.4357612.54CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima

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