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= USNO-A2.0 1275.06661768  06h56m24s.535 +42o17'31".55  Mag(R):15.2  M

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


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ASAS-3 Light Curve

* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Nobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima, Okayama, Japan, discovered new variable stars MisV1408 - MisV1427.

They were picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima. The variation of MisV1427 was confirmed by Ohkura and Nakashima, the others were confirmed by Yoshida, Ohkura and Nakashima.

* Special Notes

Stefan Huemmerich, Klaus Bernhard and Sebastian Otero reported the Catalina Sky Survey data revealed it is an Algol-type (EA) eclipsing variable with a period of 0.393231 days, brightness range of 15.45-16.20 mag(V) (light curve, phase diagram).

Stefan Huemmerich and Klaus Bernhard pointed out that the light curve shows a possible chromospheric activity.

* Light Curve

Light curve by Catalina Sky Survey (Stefan Huemmerich and Klaus Bernhard)

Light curve by Catalina Sky Survey (Stefan Huemmerich and Klaus Bernhard)

* Recent Observations

2012 Feb. 12.848  15.78  V   Diego Rodriguez
2012 Feb. 12.846  15.09  R   Diego Rodriguez
2012 Feb. 12.843  15.28  CR  Diego Rodriguez

* Observations by MISAO Project

2007 Mar. 14.4324715.9CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 17.4228515.8CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 18.4489415.4CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 20.4731915.5CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 21.4232315.4CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 23.4248515.4CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 30.4344615.4CYouichirou Nakashima
2009 Feb. 14.6083016.1VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Feb. 21.5598115.8VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Mar. 15.5121315.8VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Mar. 15.5255215.3RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Mar. 20.5227415.9VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Mar. 28.5050615.7VTsutomu Fujiwara
2009 Mar. 28.5115415.3RcTsutomu Fujiwara

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