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= GSC 2966-00810  07h39m27s.77 +42o01'14".8  Error:0.2"  Mag:12.49  Ma
  gError:0.17  Band:1  Class:0  Plate:01H9  Flag:F  Epoch:09 JAN 1983
= USNO-A2.0 1275.07014185  07h39m27s.793 +42o01'15".15  Mag(R):12.3  M

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 4716475)

* Discovery Information

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project; Nobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima, Okayama, Japan, discovered new variable stars MisV1428 - MisV1431.

They were picked up by Seiichi Yoshida from the candidates of new variable stars detected by the PIXY system 2 from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima. Their variations were confirmed by Yoshida and Nakashima.

* Special Notes

Hidehiko Akazawa and Nobuo Ohkura revealed that MisV1428 is a W UMa-type eclipsing variable with a period of 0.772402 days, brightness range of 12.12-12.55 mag(V) based on their observations and the ASASSN data (light curve).

* Light Curve

* Observations by MISAO Project

2000 Dec. 1.7367512.50CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 1.7386012.40CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Dec. 1.7404612.42CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Jan. 21.5814012.04CNobuo Ohkura
2001 Jan. 21.5832512.06CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Jan. 5.6269112.15CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Jan. 5.6288912.08CNobuo Ohkura
2002 Jan. 5.6308612.12CNobuo Ohkura
2007 Mar. 12.5284812.04CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 12.5313211.98CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 14.4693211.98CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 14.4721511.94CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 17.4568612.35CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 17.4597012.26CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 18.4829511.93CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 18.4857911.92CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 20.5072112.22CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 20.5100512.20CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 21.4572711.89CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 21.4600911.89CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 23.4588911.90CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 23.4617211.87CNobuo Ohkura and Youichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 30.4685011.97CYouichirou Nakashima
2007 Mar. 30.4713212.06CYouichirou Nakashima

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