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= GSC 0716-01707  05h57m38s.99 +08o49'25".2  Error:0.3"  Mag:13.41  Ma
  gError:0.41  Band:6  Class:0  Plate:0205  Flag:F  Epoch:18 JAN 1985
= USNO-A2.0 0975.02303571  05h57m38s.989 +08o49'25".36  Mag(R):13.5  M
= IRAS 05549+0849  05h57m39s.2 +08o49'27"  Ellipse:38x5"  P.A.:91  Flu
  x(12):1.757  Flux(25):0.7396  Flux(60):<0.4000  Flux(100):<1.496  Va

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 9669812)

* Discovery Information

Masaru Mukai, Kagoshima, Japan, discovered a new variable star MisV1447.

On Jan. 1, 2012, Mukai investigated his survey images taken on Dec. 17, 2011, with Nikon 105-mm f/2.8 camera-lens and STL6303E camera, and found a possible brightening of this star. It looks fainter than a nearby star GSC 0716-01435 on his past images between Mar. 4 and Dec. 4, 2011, but it looks brighter on Dec. 17.

Seiichi Yoshida, MISAO Project, investigated the survey images by Youichirou Nakashima, Okayama, Japan, with Canon 500-mm f/4.5 camera lens and SBIG ST-8 in the course of the MISAO Project, and confirmed the variation of this star. We assigned a new variable star number of the MISAO Project, MisV1447, to this star.

Mukai and Yoshida found this star is identified with IRAS 05549+0849. So this star will be a Mira type variable.

The position measured from Nakashima's images is R.A. 05h57m38s.99, Decl. +08o49'25".8 (J2000.0).

The amplitude during one year from early 2011 to early 2012 is 10.9-<13.3 mag from Mukai's unfiltered CCD images, or 8.8-9.9 mag from Nakashima's unfiltered CCD images. The difference will be due to the infrared sensitivity of their CCD cameras. Their measurements are coincident on the other 10-11 mag stars near by MisV1447.

Akira Takao, Kita-Kyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, also confirmed the variation of 9.9-<13.4 mag from his unfiltered CCD images with 100-mm f/4 camera lens and STL-6303E, although possibly blended with a nearby 11-mag star when MisV1447 was bright.

* Special Notes

First new object discovered by Masaru Mukai, Kagoshima, Japan. The variation was confirmed by Youichirou Nakashima's Oku Survey and Akira Takao.

There is a large difference of measured magnitude among observers, due to the infrared sensitivity of their CCD cameras.

Patrick Wils and John Greaves pointed out that Martin Nicholson has already discovered its variation from the NSVS data and registered it into the AAVSO VSX database. The NSVS data shows the position at R.A. 05h57m39s.25, Decl. +08o49'57".61, which is roughly center of the northern 11-mag star, GSC 0716-01435, and the southern variable star. MISAO Project observations revealed that the southern star, GSC 0716-01707, is variable. However, this was a "already known" variable.

* Light Curve

* Recent Observations

2012 Jan. 25 13:39:11  [11     V   Kyoto Wide-field Survey
2012 Jan. 21.57527       9.9   C   Akira Takao
2012 Jan. 17.55064       9.9   C   Akira Takao
2011 Dec. 27.63488       9.9   C   Akira Takao
2011 Dec. 14.67044      10.1   C   Akira Takao
2011 Dec. 13 17:12:46  [11     V   Kyoto Wide-field Survey
2011 Dec. 13 17:11:54  [11     V   Kyoto Wide-field Survey
2011 Nov. 24.71579      10.6   C   Akira Takao
2011 Nov.  4 14:16       9.26  Ic  Seiichiro Kiyota
2011 Oct. 25.74396      11.3   C   Akira Takao
2011 Sept.29 15:57       9.70  Ic  Seiichiro Kiyota
2011 Sept.23.80233      11.9   C   Akira Takao
2011 Aug. 28.82314     [13.4   C   Akira Takao
2011 Aug.  9 18:34      10.44  Ic  Seiichiro Kiyota
2011 Jan.  7 14:17:34  [11     V   Kyoto Wide-field Survey
2010 Dec. 24 15:11:04  [11     V   Kyoto Wide-field Survey

* Observations by MISAO Project

2011 Feb. 1.538709.5CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Feb. 1.540079.3CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Feb. 1.547479.3CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Feb. 21.525439.6CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Feb. 21.526769.4CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Feb. 21.532319.4CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Mar. 4.48204[13.1CMasaru Mukai
2011 Mar. 4.48307[13.0CMasaru Mukai
2011 Apr. 1.459659.9CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Nov. 24.55348[13.3CMasaru Mukai
2011 Nov. 24.58953[13.0CMasaru Mukai
2011 Nov. 25.568239.8CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Nov. 25.569569.7CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Nov. 25.570909.6CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Nov. 25.572239.6CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Dec. 4.48856[13.0CMasaru Mukai
2011 Dec. 4.5287213.0CMasaru Mukai
2011 Dec. 17.5272111.2CMasaru Mukai
2011 Dec. 17.5281910.9CMasaru Mukai
2011 Dec. 19.766019.0CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Dec. 19.767358.9CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Dec. 19.768688.8CYouichirou Nakashima
2011 Dec. 19.770028.8CYouichirou Nakashima
2012 Jan. 12.4292011.0CMasaru Mukai
2012 Jan. 12.4300810.9CMasaru Mukai
2012 Jan. 12.4527211.3CMasaru Mukai

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