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MisV0200 = V1552 Aql

= IRAS 18569+1722  R.A.=18 59 10.84  Decl.=+17 27 01.2  (27 x 3", p.a.
  =78)  flux(12)=2.77  flux(25)=1.57  flux(60)=<0.40  flux(100)=<3.58 
   98% variable

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


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ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 11185545)
NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 11083695)

* Discovery Information

It was detected by the PIXY system as one of the candidates of new variable stars from images taken by Ken-ichi Kadota, Ageo City, Saitama, Japan, then confirmed by Seiichi Yoshida.

* Special Notes

Photographic observations were reported from Kesao Takamizawa and Katsumi Haseda [vsnet-newvar 1194], [vsnet-newvar 1196]. The light curve suggests that MisV0200 is a Mira type variable star with a period of about 350 days. One of the peak was around 2452205 (JD).

Takamizawa reported in [vsnet-newvar 1194] that the period is about 340 days, but period of about 350 days seems to fit the observations better. Observations by the MISAO Project were at faint phases when photographic brightness is fainter than 13.5 mag, so the unfiltered CCD peak brightness seems to be much brighter than 11 mag.

* Research and Publication

* Light Curve

* Observations by MISAO Project

1999 Apr. 29.7091211.6CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Apr. 29.7095611.5CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 July 7.6677712.5CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 July 7.6683912.5CKen-ichi Kadota

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