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* Profile

MisV0368 = V2271 Cyg

= USNO-A2.0_1425.12612175  21 58 56.650  +55 13 36.53  13.9R  18.7B

Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


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ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 3422661)

* Discovery Information

It was detected by the PIXY system as one of the candidates of new variable stars from images taken by Ken-ichi Kadota, Ageo City, Saitama, Japan, then confirmed by Seiichi Yoshida.

* Special Notes

The NSVS data revealed that it is a semi regular variable with a range of 12.7 - 13.5 mag, and a period of 100 days. The unfiltered CCD observations from 1999 to 2000 by Ken-ichi Kadota and Nobuo Ohkura coincided to the magnitude range and the period.

However, it was observed as 15.4 mag, much fainter than the range, in the course of the unfiltered CCD observations by Nobuo Ohkura using a 300-mm camera lens in 2003 September. It is uncertain if the star really faded drastically, or that is an effect of came lens characteristics.

* Research and Publication

* Light Curve

Light curve by the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) created using SkyDOT.
SkyDOT is operated by the University of California for the National Nuclear Security Administration of the US Department of Energy.

* Observations by MISAO Project

1999 May 20.7731812.2CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 May 20.7736112.1CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 July 9.6952412.9CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 July 9.6956813.0CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 17.7618212.6CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 17.7622712.6CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 21.7326012.7CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 21.7330612.7CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 31.6536312.5CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Aug. 31.6540412.5CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Sept. 12.7414112.3CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Sept. 12.7420112.2CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Sept. 23.5129312.6CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Sept. 23.5133712.6CKen-ichi Kadota
2000 Aug. 29.5109412.8CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Aug. 29.5127912.9CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Aug. 29.5146512.8CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 4.4939012.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 4.4957512.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 4.4976212.5CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 4.4994712.6CNobuo Ohkura
2000 Oct. 30.4349312.4CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 14.5358615.5CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 14.5398115.5CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 16.5273715.5CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 16.5313115.4CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 26.5032515.6CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 27.4886315.2CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 27.4906015.0CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 27.4925715.2CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 30.4705015.5CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 30.4724715.4CNobuo Ohkura
2003 Sept. 30.4744315.1CNobuo Ohkura
2011 Sept. 8.5318114.7RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Sept. 24.5564014.5RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Oct. 7.5313314.6RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Oct. 16.5420114.8RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Oct. 23.5599214.3RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Nov. 8.5341613.8RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Nov. 16.5154513.7RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Nov. 26.5431013.7RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2011 Dec. 17.5321514.5RcTsutomu Fujiwara
2012 Jan. 4.4820315.1RcTsutomu Fujiwara

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