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* Profile

MisV0372 = V5382 Sgr


Digitized Sky Survey GIF image (15 x 15 arcmin)


AAVSO VSX Database

ASAS-3 Light Curve

NSVS Light Curve (NSVS 19423376)

* Discovery Information

It was detected by the PIXY system as one of the candidates of new variable stars from images taken by Ken-ichi Kadota, Ageo City, Saitama, Japan, then confirmed by Seiichi Yoshida.

Taichi Kato pointed out that this object is within the positional error range of a X-ray source 1RXPJ180245-2942.3 at R.A. 18h02m45s.6, Decl. -29o42'20" (2000.0).

* Special Notes

Taichi Kato and John Greaves pointed out the possible identification with an X-ray star 1RXP J180245-2942.3. But it is revealed to be a normal Mira type variable based on the OGLE-II data.

* Research and Publication

* Light Curve

Light Curve Analysis of MisV Stars Identified with Candidate Variable Stars from OGLE-II Bulge Data
Yoshida, S.; Greaves, J.

* Observations by MISAO Project

1999 Apr. 8.7586313.1CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Apr. 8.7591713.2CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Apr. 30.7397712.0CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 Apr. 30.7402211.9CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 May 20.6825012.0CKen-ichi Kadota
1999 May 20.6833112.1CKen-ichi Kadota

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