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    Usage of Northern Sky Variability Survey    

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Open the following page.

Northern Sky Variability Survey

For example, let's investigate the light curve of a star at R.A. 18h57m29s.84, Decl. +20o05'27".3.

Input the required parameters.

Input the R.A. Here input as "18:57:29.84".
Input the Decl. Here input as "+20:05:27.3".
When you know the accurate position of the star, you should make the search field very small. Here input "0.5" in order to search stars within 30x30 arcsec field. Note that the unit is arcmin.

Push the "Submit Query" button, and the star IDs within the search field will be listed up.

Note that several IDs can be assigned to one star.

Click the Obj ID, and the light curve will be displayed.


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