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Open the following page.

SIMBAD Astronomical Database

For example, let's investigate about a star at R.A. 22h54m03s.78, Decl. +58o54'02".1.

First of all, select "by coordinates".

Then the page to input parameters will bedisplayed. So input the required parameters.

an identifier, coordinates or a reference code:
Input the R.A. and Decl. Here input as "22 54 03.78 +58 54 02.1".
b. For coordinate and around object queries, define a radius :
You should not make the search field so small, because the position can be very inaccurate in the past researches or observations. Here input "1" in order to search stars within 1x1 arcmin field.

Push the "SUBMIT" button, and the star names within the search field will be listed up. In this case, you can see the star has a name "HBHA 65-53".

Click one star name, and you can investigate further information in more details. Here click the name "HBHA 65-53", and the following result will be displayed.

If you investigate further information for star names listed up in the "Identifies", you can see the star has a strong emission line of H-alpha, and was discovered by the MISAO Project as a new variable star.

You can also see the result of research on this star was issued in the paper "2004PASJ...56S.183U".


This research has made use of the SIMBAD database, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France

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