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    Large Proper Motion    

This page introduces some of the stars with large proper motion, found in the amateur images offered to the MISAO Project.

Because the position of a star with large proper motion is different from the cataloged position in the USNO-A2.0, etc., it will be marked up as red after the examination using the PIXY System 2. You can see the proper motion easily comparing with the DSS images, even in case of the amateur images.

The image size is about 6 arcmin.

o LHS 1794 = G100-44

R.A. 05h53m14s.04  Decl. +24o15'31".9  9.59 mag

o G104-51

R.A. 06h38m52s.61  Decl. +22o55'15".9  11.83 mag

o G88-12

R.A. 07h13m13s.84  Decl. +24o06'29".4  10.16 mag

o LHS 1053 = G171-44

R.A. 00h17m06s.49  Decl. +40o56'53".0  8.61 mag

o G209-26

R.A. 20h21m12s.24  Decl. +46o27'16".2  11.20 mag

o LHS 524 = G215-50

R.A. 22h29m49s.09  Decl. +41o28'49".1  11.52 mag

    Double Variable Star with Large Proper Motion    

o LHS 3 = GX And & LHS 4 = GQ And

LHS 3 = GX And  R.A. 00h18m23s.12  Decl. +44o01'23".2  7.83 mag
LHS 4 = GQ And  R.A. 00h18m26s.06  Decl. +44o01'38".8  9.31 mag

Francisco Manuel Rica Romero told me that this pair is designated as GRB 34 AB, a orbital double star with a period of 2600 years.

The image size is about 8.5 arcmin.

  • The left side images are the DSS (Digitized Sky Survey) images obtained at the following site.
    Based on photographic data of the National Geographic Society -- Palomar
    Observatory Sky Survey (NGS-POSS) obtained using the Oschin Telescope on
    Palomar Mountain.  The NGS-POSS was funded by a grant from the National
    Geographic Society to the California Institute of Technology.  The
    plates were processed into the present compressed digital form with
    their permission.  The Digitized Sky Survey was produced at the Space
    Telescope Science Institute under US Government grant NAG W-2166.
    Copyright (c) 1994, Association of Universities for Research in
    Astronomy, Inc.  All rights reserved.
  • The right side images are taken by Nobuo Ohkura, Okayama, Japan.

  • The LHS stars are recorded in the following catalog.

    LHS Catalogue, 2nd Edition
    LHS Catalogue: a catalogue of stars with proper motions exceeding 0.5" annually.
    Astronomical Data Center catalog No. 1087B


  • The G stars are recorded in the following catalog.

    Lowell Proper Motion Survey: 8991 Stars with m > 8, PM > 0.26"/year in the Northern Hemisphere
    Astronomical Data Center catalog No. 1079
    ADC CD-ROM Vol. 4


  • Special thanks to Brian Skiff, John Greaves, and Francisco Manuel Rica Romero for the catalog information.

Copyright(C) MISAO Project (comet@aerith.net). All rights reserved.