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Multitudinous Image-based Sky-survey by Accumulative Observations
tex2html_wrap_inline274 (MISAO) Project tex2html_wrap_inline276
Seiichi Yoshida
Aug. 29 tex2html_wrap_inline278 31, 1997 Comet and Minor Planet Joint Conference 1997


This article introduces the MISAO project. This project aims to make the most of images taken all over the world and much information buried in the images. First of all, this article shows that most information in images are lost without use now and looks for the solutions. Then it describes the conception of this project and lists up the expected results. In the latter part, it concentrates on one purpose of this project, to set up that anyone can examine their images and check whether new objects are in them, and describes the architecture and the current progress of the PIXY system, now being implemented, in detail. Finally, it concludes with the future plans.

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