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    Times of minima of a W UMa-type eclipsing variable MisV1097    

October 11, 2003
Nakajima, K.; Yoshida, S.; Ohkura, N.

Kazuhiro Nakajima observed a W UMa-type eclipsing variable MisV1097, and revealed the unfiltered CCD variations between 13.04 and 13.74 mag, and period of 0.4688 days.

MisV1097, R.A. 01h15m28s.73, Decl. +41o19'59".3 (J2000.0), is a new variable star discovered in the course of the MISAO Project from Nobuo Ohkura's unfiltered CCD images between 2000 September and December, and revealed as an EW/KE type eclipsing variable by Ondrej Pejcha.

Nakajima observed it on 5 nights between Aug. 28 and Oct. 1 in 2003 with 0.25-m f/5 Schmidt-Cassegrain and CV-04 CCD, and caught four minima.

MinimumHJDError of HJD

The period is derived as 0.4688 days from these minima.

Here is the light curve of MisV1097 from total 517 observations. Comparison star is TYC2-2808.0899.1, R.A. 01h15m17s.1, Decl. +41o25'00" (2000.0), 11.89 mag(V). The phases on the figure were calculated by the ephemeris:

Primary minimum HJD = 2452914.2861 + 0d.4688 x E

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MisV1097 is a blue W UMa-type eclipsing variable
Pejcha, O.; Yoshida, S.; Greaves, J.; Ohkura, N.

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