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John Greaves provides a TDF file for the GUIDE, a planetarium software of the Project Pluto, to show the MisV new variable stars on that software. The file is available at the Warren Astronomical Society's WWW page:


Copy MisV.dat and John Greaves's MISAO.tdf into the GUIDE directory, then the MisV stars appear on the GUIDE window.

Select the "Go to TDF object" menu, select the "MISAO Variables", and you can find and move to MisV stars. When you would like to find MisV0001, type "0001" in the edit box.

o Charts

o MisV0380

Mike Simonsen's charts are available.

o MisV0814

o MisV1095

David Motl (B.R.N.O.)'s chart is available.

o MisV1147

Mike Simonsen's charts are available.

o Comparison Stars

o MisV1147

Arne Henden's calibrated magnitude on Jan. 14, 2002 are available.

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