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Write a statement

Here is an example:

    input x
    print x*x


As in this example, you just write each process as a normal statement, one process in one line, when you are to draw PAD of sequencially executed processes.

Only one process per line is a rule. You should not put a new line in middle of a process or should not put two or more processes in one line.

You can use alomost any characters in a statement. In several cases, however, you have to obey rules and write accordingly. These specail cases are as follows:

  • drawing an empty box
  • writing a statement that begins with reserved words such as for, while.
  • writing a statement that begins with {.
  • writing a statement with only one }.
  • writing a statement that begins with }else , }while, or }catch.
  • writing a statement that is regarded as a label, such as L1:.
  • writing a statement that begins with / tex2html_wrap_inline2436 or //.

In these cases, use { and }   as follows. In this case you should put a part from { to } in one line.

    {        }
    { for ( i = 0, 10 ) }
    { {{{ } }
    { /* comment */ }

You can write any string within { and }.


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