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As in other program languages, you can write comments in PADEL. The content of comment will not take effect on PAD figure.

The style of writing comments is as same as that of C and C++. So, these two styles are both valid.

    /* Comment */
    // Comment


Please note that you cannot write a comment wherever you like. In PADEL, a comment has to be independent as a comment line. It means you cannot write a PADEL command and comment in one line. To be more exact, there should be no character other than spaces before / tex2html_wrap_inline2552 or //, and there should be no character other than spaces and a return code after tex2html_wrap_inline2554 /. Therefore, the following example is illegal:

    for ( i = 0, N )        /* sum up til N */
        sum = sum + i

It is OK to add a newline code in middle of C-style comment.

By the way, a comment is also used to set parameter variables in PADEL. By setting these parameters, you can enrich and decorate your PAD figures. These parameter variables are fully explained in chapter 5.


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