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Bourne shell


To draw a PAD figure directly from Bourne shell program, type in:

% pad2ps -sh foo.sh > foo.ps

You can omit -sh  option if the suffix of the input file is .sh.

A parser for Bourne shell program is sh2pad . To execute this parser directly to convert the program into PADEL, type in:

% mkpad -sh foo.sh > foo.pad

In this case you cannot omit -sh option.

A Bourne shell program is drawn as one PAD, and no title will be set. When functions are defined using function, however, the PADs for those functions are drawn after diagraming the PAD of the whole program. In this case each function name becomes the corresponding PAD's title.

Here is an example of Bourne shell program:

cat << EOF

In this case all parts between cat << EOF and EOF is surrounded by a rectangular frame, and it is drawn as one PAD box.

You should be able to convert almost any Bourne shell program to PAD figures.


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