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Updated on March 30, 2024


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* 2024 Mar. 29 (1 comet)

I observed 12P visually on Mar. 29 in Miura City, Kanagawa, Japan.

After the heavy rain and strong wind until the afternoon, suddenly it became completely fine in the evening.

I enjoyed 12P/Pons-Brooks with a tail surrounded with a sound of the sea.


4.8 mag   Dia. 7'   DC 7   Tail 0.4 deg (p.a. 50 deg)   (10x66 monocular)

It brightened furthermore.

* 2024 Mar. 21 (2 comets)

I observed 12P and 13P visually on Mar. 21 in Mt. Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

I was deeply moved to see two Halley type historical comets next to each other with Jupiter in between!


5.4 mag   Dia. 6'   DC 7   (40.0-cm reflector 36x)

Very strongly condensed.


11.9 mag   Dia. 1'   DC 3   (40.0-cm reflector 144x)

Looks faint due to the moon light and low sky dim.

* 2024 Feb. 12 (4 comets)

I observed 4 comets visually on Feb. 12 in Mt. Hanadate, Ibaraki, Japan.

It gives me such a profound feeling that we can see both 12P/Pons-Brooks and 13P/Olbers in the sky at the same time, although 13P is too faint to see visually.

C/2022 E2 ( ATLAS )

13.0 mag   Dia. 0.9'   DC 4   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Not strongly condensed.


8.0 mag   Dia. 4'   DC 5-6   (40.0-cm reflector 75x)

Bright and strongly condensed, although it locates low in the evening glow.


fainter than 13.0 mag   Dia. 0.5'   (40.0-cm reflector 257x)

Not visible.


10.5 mag   Dia. 2.5'   DC 2   (40.0-cm reflector 75x)

Weakly condensed and diffuse.


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