83D/Russell 1

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Updated on October 31, 2021


* Profile

It was discovered in 1979 and observed again in 1985. But it has not been observed since that.

Kazuo Kinoshita's calculation revealed that it passed close by Jupiter in 1979 and the perihelion distance reduced from 1.8 A.U. down to 1.6 A.U. However, it passed close by Jupiter again in 1988, and the perihelion distance increased up to 2.2 A.U.

It came to approach close to the sun and brighten up to 17 mag temporarily in 1979 and 1985, so it was observed. However, now that it went far away again, it reached only to 21 mag at best.

* Returns and Appearances

!Discovered *Appeared -Not observed #Appeared before discovery +Not observed before discovery .Returns in the future
2028 Nov. 30
2021 May 23
2013 Nov. 5
2006 Apr. 7
1998 Aug. 25
1991 Jan. 4
* 83D/1985 G1
1985 July 5
! 83D/1979 M2
1979 May 26


The perihelion dates in the past appearances are printed on Catalog of Cometary Orbits 1996.
The perihelion date in 1991 is calculated using the Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service.
Information on the discovery and historical highlights are available at General Comet Info (Gary W. Kronk).
The past and future orbital elements calculated by Kazuo Kinoshita (http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~comet/pcmtn/0083p.htm).


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