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1998 Apr. 25

    PIXY system released.    

Dear colleagues,

I am Seiichi Yoshida, working on the MISAO project (Multitudinous Image-based Sky-survey by Accumulative Observations).

Now I released the source package of the PIXY system (Practical Image eXamination and Inner-objects Identification system), which detects stars from your image, matches them with catalog data like GSC, USNO-A1.0, the Tycho Catalog, etc., calculates accurate R.A. and Decl. of the center of the image, accurate field of view, accurate position angle of up direction, limiting magnitude, measures astrometry and photometry of all detected stars, and lists up candidates of new objects, errors in the catalog, variable stars, etc., by comparing with catalog data. The package is available at:


The pacakge contains the two softwares:

  • pixy
    It detects stars from the image, matches them with a star catalog, and returns astrometry and photometry results of all. In addition, by contrasting them with catalog data, it lists up candidates of new objects, errors in catalog and variable stars.
  • catalog_viewer
    It draws a chart using such data as the Tycho Catalog, the USNO-A1.0, the Guide Star Catalog 1.2, etc. It can also draws a DSS image on background and plots catalog data on it.

The PIXY system in this package is implemented in Java and C languages. It is for UNIX system. It was developed on Linux system and it should run on most of UNIX system. To run it, JDK (1.0 or later) is required. And the computer must be connected to the Internet because this software obtains data from various WWW sites all over the world.

Please get the package, read the README file, and then try some sample images introduced in the README. You will see the merits of this package soon. I believe it helps many people, although it is only for UNIX now. If many people need the Windows version, which gets catalog data from CD-ROMs, I will soon work on costructing Windows version.

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida
Muraoka Lab., Waseda University, Japan

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