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September 16, 2000

    Anniversary of MV1K    

MISAO Project Announce Mail (September 16, 2000)

Hello. I am Seiichi Yoshida working on the MISAO project.

The number of MisV stars, the new variable stars discovered in the course of the MISAO Project, exceeded 1000 when 23 new ones were reported on Sept. 6. It is about one and a half year since the discovery of the first MisV star.

I really thank image contributors for their valuable images offered to the project, the VSOLJ (Variable Star Observers' League in Japan) and the VSNET (Variable Star Network) members for advice on variable stars researches, and everyone.

The memorial 1000th MisV star is the star mentioned below. The variability was discovered from images taken by Nobuo Ohkura, Okayama, Japan, comparing with images taken by KenIchi Kadota, Ageo, Saitama, Japan. It is probably a faint red variable star.

  R.A.  20h12m51s.13
  Decl. +26o42'04".1  (2000.0)
  Mag.  12.1C-13.2C
  Type  ?
= USNO-A2.0_1125.15334491  20 12 51.119  +26 42 06.27  15.4R  19.0B
= IRAS 20107+2632  R.A.=20 12 50.82  Decl.=+26 42 03.1  (16 x 8", p.a.=67)
  flux(12)=0.49  flux(25)=0.31  flux(60)=<0.44  flux(100)=<3.76  79% variable

All of the new variable stars of the MISAO Project were discovered from Japanese amateur images. The image contributors to the MISAO Project are as follows.

ContributorNumber of imagesNumber of examined images
Akimasa Nakamura425308
Arne A. Henden11
Hideo Fukushima99
KenIchi Kadota100819497
Ken'ichi Torii11
Masayuki Suzukiabout 20000
Nobuo Ohkura59684573
Seiichiro Kiyota1010
Toshikazu Muramatsu4646
Yasukazu Ikari96744354

Because a variable star is discovered when there is a difference between two images, both the image contributors of the new image and the compared past image become discoverers in the MISAO Project. Among 1009 MisV stars, Kadota discovered all of the 1009 stars, and Ohkura discovered 92 of them.

All of the stars until MisV0882 were discovered from Kadota's images. However, Ohkura started the regular survey work and offered the images to the project since 2000 spring. So most of the stars after MisV0883 were discovered by Ohkura and Kadota in collaboration.

Now about 14 thousands images taken by Nakamura, Kadota, Suzuki, Ohkura and Ikari are waiting for variable star search. After checking those images, the discoverers of the MisV stars will be more variegated, as the project name represents.

The images offered to the MISAO Project which contain stars fainter than 13 mag cover 12 percent of the sky north of Decl. -40 deg. After this when an image is offered, it often overlaps on the past images in the database and can be examined for new objects search immediately.

No images have been offered to the MISAO Project from overseas amateurs yet. We are inviting for images from all over the world. If you have some interests, please make a contact to us.

The past MISAO project announce mails are available at:


Seiichi Yoshida

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