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It views the image.

o Execution

When using Windows95, open DOS Prompt and type:
    java misao.app.ImageViewer
If JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is installed, the directory where the package is unpacked must be set by an option -cp (the example is in case the package is unpacked at C:\).
    java -cp C:\ misao.app.ImageViewer
Then the software asks URL or filename of image: , so input the filename to view.

The filename can be set as an argument.

    java misao.app.ImageViewer sample.fts

After a while, a window appears with the image. Changing the value in the Min. and Max., the view level of the image can be adjusted. Be sure to hit the return key after setting value, then push the View button.

o File Format

Supported file format of the image are:
  • FITS
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • MUTOH MTF/BIN   * Non public function.

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