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Practical Image eXamination and Inner-objects Identification system

This page describes about the old version of the PIXY system. The old version is no longer supported. Please use the PIXY System 2.

  • The PIXY system is a software which automatically detects all stars from an image, collates them with star data recorded in catalogs such as GSC, USNO-A2.0, etc., and finds out new objects or variable stars. It also prints out all astrometric and photometric data of all detected stars, so it is also useful for astrometry of minor planets or photometry of variable stars.
  • The PIXY system is open source software and anyone may use it freely. The system is implemented in Java language, so it works on Windows, UNIX system, etc.
  • Following things are required to run the PIXY system.
    • Environment to run Java softwares (JDK or JRE)
    • CD-ROMs of GSC 1.1 or USNO-A1.0, USNO-A2.0

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