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Here describes how to install the PIXY system. The PIXY system is available at Download. If you are a beginner, please read Tutorial after this.

o Installation of JDK/JRE

JDK(Java Development Kit) or JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is required in order to run programs implemented in Java language.

Please download JDK/JRE from:


o Confirmation of Environmental Variable

Confirm that the directory of java command is described in the environmental variable PATH. When JDK is installed, also confirm that the environmental variable CLASSPATH is set properly.
Example: Windows95
If the JDK is installed in C:\jdk1.1.6, autoexec.bat must have these statements:
    SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\jdk1.1.6\bin
    SET CLASSPATH=.;C:\jdk1.1.6\lib\classes.zip

o Unpack of the Package

Unpack the package file. When using Windows95, please obtain pack/unpack software by yourself. Many softwares can unpack packages in ZIP format, so please download a package with an extension .zip. When using UNIX system, please download a package with an extension .tar.gz, then run:
    gzip -dc pixy-???????.tar.gz | tar xfv -

o Configuration of Environmental Variables

Add the directory of the PIXY system to the environmental variable CLASSPATH.
Example: Windows95
If the package is unpacked at C:\ (when a new folder C:\misao must be created), please add this statement in autoexec.bat:
    SET CLASSPATH=.;C:\jdk1.1.6\lib\classes.zip;C:\
In this case, please be sure that the file:
exist on your disk.

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