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Here describes how to create a magnitude report estimated by the PIXY system. You have to examine the image by the PIXY system and create a PXF file in advance.

o Execution

Magnitude report is created by -report option of the PIXY system, with a name of PXF file created by the PIXY system.

For example, let's create a magnitude report of the sample image in the Tutorial. The PXF file is sample2.pxf. Now type as follows and run the system.

java   misao.pixy.Pixy   -report   sample2.pxf

The result is output on the display. When setting the name of report file, the result is also saved in the file. For example, to save the result in sample2.txt, run the system as follows.

java   misao.pixy.Pixy   -report   sample2.pxf   sample2.txt

o Format

The format of magnitude report is as follows. The name and magnitude of a star is recorded in one line.

GSC3452.1111    14.9
GSC3452.1127    15.6
GSC3452.1130    13.3
GSC3452.1133    12.6
GSC3452.1135    13.6
GSC3452.1136    13.0
GSC3452.1143    9.0

When a star is not detected, the upper limit is recorded.

IRAS 11469+4842 <14.4

When a star is at edge, the magnitude is uncertain, so the code : is attached after magnitude.

GSC3452.1162    12.0:

When a star is identified with some known variable stars, it has some aliases. So the aliases are output after magnitude, jointed with a code =.

HT UMA  7.5     = GSC3452.1191 = IRAS 11455+4848

When several close stars could not separated and detected as one star, the magnitude is total amount of these stars. So the names of blending stars are output jointed with a code +.

GSC3452.1256 + GSC3452.1259     12.3

When several close stars are blending, and also identified with known variable stars, the system cannot determine which one of blending stars is a right counterpart of the identified variable stars. So the names of identified variable stars are output quoted in parentheses.

GSC3452.1458 + GSC3452.1498     13.2    (NGC 3896, MCG+08-22-008)

When a star not recorded in star catalog (ND) is not identified with any variable stars, the star has no name. So the system name it based on the R.A. and Decl. The example below means the star is at R.A. 11h48m33s.70, Decl. +48o43'13".1.

J114833.70+484313.1     13.5

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