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It views the chart of Guide Star Catalog, USNO-A1.0, etc.

o Execution

When using Windows95, open DOS Prompt and type:
    java misao.app.CatalogViewer
If JRE(Java Runtime Environment) is installed, the directory where the package is unpacked must be set by an option -cp (the example is in case the package is unpacked at C:\).
    java -cp C:\ misao.app.CatalogViewer
Then a window of the application opens.

o Configuration

Be sure to hit the return key after setting each time.
  • Catalog:
    Select a star catalog to view. It can read star data from CD-ROM or download data from the Internet. In case of reading data from CD-ROM, set the path of CD-ROM in Path:.
    Example: Windows95
    If the CD-ROM drive is D:, set Path: as D:.
  • Background Image:
    It can download the picture of the DSS(Digitized Sky Survey) from the Internet and draw it on the background. But this function is not recommended.
  • RA: Decl:
    Set the R.A. and Decl. of the center. When validating B1950.0, the coordinates are regarded as in B1950.0.
  • Field:
    Set the width of field to draw. When setting Field: as 1 deg, 1x1 deg field are viewed.
  • Limit:
    Set the limiting magnitude to plot.
  • p.a. of up:
    Set the position angle which is to be up. When to draw as north is up, set it as 0 deg. As east is up, set it as 90 deg.
  • Mark the Center
    Draw mark in the center of the chart.
  • East Righthand
    Draw chart as a mirror image.
  • Black Background
    Paint the background black.

o View

After configuration is finished, push the View button, then the chart appears.

Clicking a star by mouse, the data of the star appears.

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