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Here describes the overview about the class files contained in the PIXY system package. The PIXY system is available at Download.

o misao.app

Some small applications except for the PIXY system.
B1950toJ2000Convert precession.
CatalogViewerView the chart.
DistanceCalculate the distance and position angle between two coordinates.
FindDataAroundXYSearch data around the input (x,y).
ImageViewerView the image.
JDCalculate Julian day.
PastImageCheckerSearch a star on past images.
VariableStarFinderSearch variable stars in the database.

o misao.contrib.imdisp

The class files on I/O of FITS file, implemented by Taichi Kato. The original package is jp.ac.kyoto-u.kusastro.ooruri.

o misao.database

The class files related to the magnitude database. The class file for new object selection of the PIXY system is also contained.

o misao.diff

The class files related to the differential PIXY.

o misao.host

The class files for access to the database constructed in the MISAO home directory, like identification function of the PIXY system, and for database management.

o misao.pixy

The PIXY system itself and class files specified to the system. The reality of the PIXY system is misao.pixy.Pixy.

o misao.pixy.test

The class files for test of the PIXY system.

o misao.ref

The class files to construct the identification database. The database is constructed by running misao.ref.Installer.

o misao.ref.catalog

The class files for reading each catalog to be added into the identification database. Catalogs in Reference Catalogs are supported.

o misao.secret.app

Some small secret applications using secret packages.
ConstellationCheckerDetermine the constellation based on R.A., Decl.

o misao.secret.util

The secret class files for general purpose in the MISAO Project.
ConstellationTableBorder of constellations
ImageFileMtfReading MUTOH MTF file
ImageFileBinReading MUTOH BIN file

o misao.util

The secret class files for general purpose in the MISAO Project.

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