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    Copyright of Images and Data    

The copyright of the images offered to the MISAO Project is reserved by the image contributor. The images will not published without the image contributor's permission. However, when a new variable star is discovered on the image, part of the image is published as a finding chart.

The names of image contributors is published in the Images and Contributors List. The number of images, and the number of new variable stars discovered on the images or the number of magnitude data measured from the images, etc., are also published.

The offered images are examined by the PIXY system 2 and the position and magnitude of stars on the images are measured. The images and the position and magnitude are registered in the MISAO Project database.

The image information such as the date and time of exposure, the file name, the R.A. and Decl. of the center obtained by the examination using the PIXY system 2, limiting magnitude determined by the examination, etc., are published in the Image Information Search Service, unless you deny it.

The offered images are used for new objects survey. New variable stars discovered on the images are named as MISAO Project new variable stars and published to VSNET mailing list. The discoverers of new variable stars are settled by the rule in the Rules on the Discoverers. The names of discoverers are noted in the mails reporting the new variable star discoveries and the papers such as IBVS.

When a new variable star is discovered, a finding chart is created using part of the offered images. The finding chart is published in the MISAO Project Home Page and the IBVS papers. The names of the image contributors are not noted on the finding chart.

When other types of new objects (comets, asteroids, novae, supernovae, etc.) are discovered, we will report to the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, including the names of the image contributors and the notes of the instruments. In the case of a nova or supernova, we also announce it as one of the MISAO Project new variable stars.

The magnitude of variable stars (including new variable stars) measured from the offered images are reported to VSNET. In that case, they are reported by the observer code Mis, which means the data is by the MISAO Project observations. The magnitude data are also published in the MISAO Project Home Page, with image contributors' names and image filenames.

The astrometry of comets and asteroids in the offered images are measured,recorded in the MPC format, and published in the MISAO Project Home Page, with image contributors' names. However, we do not report them to the MPC (Minor Planet Center). We leave it to the image contributors.

The data of objects what the image contributor has already measured and reported in public are not reported by the MISAO Project.

We may write some papers on variable stars based on the offered images. In those cases, the names of image contributors are noted in the papers. When the image contributor's name is required to be listed as one of the authors, please tell us.

The measured data such as position, magnitude, etc., can be presented to researchers outside of the MISAO Project if requested. In that case, the name of the image contributors are noted.

The offered images to the MISAO Project are saved in several CD-Rs, which are kept by the MISAO Project staffs. The CD-Rs will never be utilized or be open without the image contributors' agreements, except for purposes described in this page.

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